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  • Jul, 07 2019
    Lin Bai
    One star is for the doctor's job. He did the eye check job correct, but this vision care and first visit made me cried a lot yesterday. All I want is a contact lens prescription. I told them that during the appointment call, later I told the nurse because she kept asking when is last time the glasses made. After check I ask the doctor: “Is this for contact lens?” he told me:” the optical lady will help you with your prescription.” The optical lady gave me the file immediately and sent it to the front desk: “you are good to go!” she said. At first I was thrilled because it’s the first time the optical staff not sticks on the sale of they own products. I asked the front desk lady again: “So can I buy any brand of contact lens with this prescription?” she said yes and quickly check out for me.
    But when I went to Costco to shop for my contact lens, I found that it is actually a prescription for glasses. Then I call them, they start to teach me in very calm and cold voice that oops it a misunderstanding. What I feel it is a trick, I can’t help to ask why and they started transfer me to nowhere. Finally a lady speak to me that I need another appointment and there is misunderstanding because my eye issuance can just cover a glasses check. I felt very sorry that I yelled at that poor lady at that moment. I really can’t control myself at that moment. The lady said if you don’t want to put in another appointment then bye, then she hang up the phone in a second.
    I want people know why I’m angry, but maybe there is no misunderstanding. The Costco guy told me that a lot of eye issuance providers they acted this way. Like the lady told me: she just worked there, she don’t deserve people angry at her. So every customer pay little attention deserves this! They just do their job use up your issuance in spite of you don’t need it and told you that: “It’s your issuance fault that you have to pay more if you want additional check items”. But why they just told me at the very beginning? A kindly reminder of a full check issue matters me or them? No, all they want for a patient like me just do eye check and with a hateful issuance, accomplished annual issuance cover, game over. They just don’t care.
    Next time, go Costco get your contact lens prescription, get what you paid for. Don’t bother those kind of clinic they do big business especially you hold an eye issuance to hurt them.
  • Apr, 24 2019
    Baby Girl
    Horrible experience from the receptionist, no confidentiality and not professional, When is it ok to discuss clients medical information where everyone in the waiting area can hear? Paid a lot more then I have ever paid for an eye exam and poor quality frames. Will never return to Metrolina Eye Associates again, so many better options out there. Please do your research before coming to this office.
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